Criminal history for individuals working with seniors

The BCC Helpline phone number is Providers can call this number for help with questions regarding the BCC. Skip to Content Skip to Navigation. Search This Site. All employers must now use the BCC - Background Check Center All applicants for employment in long term care facilities and home health agencies must have a criminal background check, according to State of Delaware law.

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Identify whether applicants accurately reported education information on their resume or job application. Verification may be obtained either directly from an institution or through its authorized agent. Eliminate the time-consuming process of verifying employment history.

Verification may be obtained either directly with former employers or through their authorized agents. Test for the presence of illicit drug use with urine testing. Learn More. Go to Resource Library.

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Employee Background Checks Requirements

For this reason, many HHAs also report checking other sources of information as well — a best practice that should be followed by all home health care agencies. Following are several best practices for employee background check for home health care agencies when hiring employees:.

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In a nutshell, an organization must obtain prior written authorization from applicants and employees to conduct a background check. Also, applicants and employees must be notified that a background check will be conducted. The employer must describe the scope of the background check, and inform applicants and employees that information received from the background check may result in adverse employment action.

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This notice and authorization should be on a separate page from the job application itself. Moreover, the applicant or employee must be notified that a refusal to authorize the background check may result in adverse employment action, such as rejection of the application or termination of employment.

What Is a Caregiver Background Check?

Employment background checks are a critical component in the hiring process and staffing for home health care firms, and one of the most effective ways to ensure that employees do not have a record that jeopardizes the organization and its clients. Manchester Specialty offers a full portfolio of insurance and risk management services to the home health care industry, including EPLI coverage; HR tools for policies, guidelines and procedures; and access to, and discounts on, employment verification and criminal background check services. Thompson, was the first in the insurance marketplace to design specialized insurance coverage for home health care organizations.