Reverse lookup on ip address

Reverse DNS lookup commands can also be performed from the command line. Windows users can use nslookup.

How to Set Reverse DNS for Your VPS IP Addresses

For Linux, your command, and the output, will look like this:. Reverse DNS: why would you use it? How does rDNS lookup work?

For Linux, your command, and the output, will look like this: dig -x 9. This is nothing to worry about as all it means is that the DNS server has already recently resolved this query. You can find out which name servers are responsible authoritative for a domain by setting the query type to NS and entering the domain name as shown below:.

IP Lookup: Exploring the Top 8 Ways to Perform an IP Address Lookup

It is available on all of the main Operating systems and can be used in interactive and command line mode. This has an entire section on Nslookup.

Is there a way to limit the information returned? Or do I have to filter the output myself? This is a clear and helpful article, thanks.

Reverse DNS Lookup - IP Address to Hostname Lookup

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The PTR record is the one that contains the domain host name. The domain name is, as you expect, www. Posted by Peter Leung.

Reverse DNS lookup tool

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