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They may just see a list of charges. In any event, I would think it looks better to have one charge than a list of charges. Because there was more than one charge, the expungement is not automatic, but I think most judges would give it to you. This answer is given in accordance with the laws of Virginia and may not be applicable in any other state.

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It should not be construed as legal advice, as that would require a more thorough analysis of all of the facts involved in a specific case. If you need further information or assistance, please feel free to contact my office for a consultation. Case results depend upon a variety of factors unique to each case. A consumer was given deferred adjudication or deferred sentencing but violated the terms of their probation. Sentencing was revised but the disposition was not changed to a conviction.

This is still considered a non-conviction and subject to the seven year reporting limitation. An applicant has a former record that has been expunged or sealed. Such records would not appear on the background report if they are in fact expunged or sealed at the time the record search was conducted at the county court. Federal law is fairly straight forward when it comes to determining what criminal history can and cannot be included on a consumer report:.

Criminal Record - How YOU Can Get It SEALED Or EXPUNGED

However, the same cannot be said of the many and varied state versions of the FCRA. Some states have limitations based on the projected annual salary of the position sought to determine if reporting restrictions apply.

The intention is to limit criminal history reporting of those earning lower incomes, in effect giving those applicants a second chance. The source of the potential complexity is determining what to follow, the federal law or the state law. And if the state law, then exactly which state? If we take just a moment to consider the following hiring scenario, we'll recognize the legal complexities that many employers face. If an applicant who resides in New Mexico applies for a job with a firm based in New Jersey but the job will take place in Illinois, what state law regarding criminal records reporting will apply if these laws all differ?

The fact of the matter is, depending on which states are involved, the difference could mean a record of offense being included in a report versus a background check reporting coming back with no records found.

What is a Background Check?

Perhaps a more critical question that applicants should consider during their application process is whether or not to be frank with HR or interviewing staff. The hiring organization perceives the omission or falsification of the application by the applicant as an act of dishonesty, which for many employers, is hard to look past.

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Further, they have to apply that rule consistently. In that same breath, the applicant can easily explain the circumstances around a particular record and provide insight into rehabilitative efforts or call attention to their stable record of employment post criminal incident. In short, having a criminal record will not necessarily limit an otherwise strong candidate from obtaining the position, but dishonesty might.

And here's yet another consideration to make the above argument for candor and openness even more compelling. Some additional benefits of a nolleā€¦in Connecticut domestic violence arrests, once a case is nolled, all protective orders and restraining orders attached to the nolled criminal charges immediately terminate.

So if you were arrested in Stamford, Greenwich or Darien Connecticut for a domestic violence crime, and you were subjected to a full no contact protective order that prevented you from returning to your home, then once your case is nolled, you may return home. Similarly, once your case is nolled, all conditions of release attached to your case immediately terminate. So if you were ordered to submit to random drug testing or mandatory counseling during your case, once your case is nolled, these conditions terminate as soon as you walk out of your courthouse.

As any of the best Greenwich Connecticut criminal lawyers would acknowledge, a dismissal is most ideal resolution of a criminal case.

Criminal Record Definitions

Two of the most common ways to get a dismissal of your Connecticut arrest for disorderly conduct, domestic violence, or any felony or misdemeanor arrest in Connecticut, is by getting a not guilty verdict at trial, or successfully completing a Connecticut pretrial diversionary program.

However, there are other ways the top Connecticut criminal lawyers can get your Connecticut arrests dismissed, even after your case is scheduled to be nolled. Once dismissed, your case is considered erased and expunged, as if it never happened. In fact, as to the dismissed charges, you can swear under oath that you were never even arrested which is a big help to people involved in messy divorces or who are looking for jobs. It also is huge advantage to have your case dismissed when you are trying to remove your online arrest records from the internet.

After your case is dismissed, one additional service the Mark Sherman Law Firm offers is making a motion to the court to order the destruction of your fingerprints and booking photographs that were collected at your arrest and are in the possession of the police department. We file this paperwork and then argue to the court as to why it is necessary that these records be destroyed.