1997 ford engine vin location

Y - The eleventh VIN position is the code for the assembly plant. K - Kansas City; Claycomo, Missouri. L - Michigan Truck; Wayne, Michigan. N - Norfolk; Norfolk, Virginia. The last six VIN positions are an alphanumeric code for the build sequence. This is also the serial and warranty number. The first vehicle built would be A and the next would be A After A, the next number would be B Was this answer.

Thanks for the explanation of the Vin no.

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You answered my question and then some. Hello - You are welcome - please ensure if you do ask auto questions in the future you inlcude all that data. Many folks do not.

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They say I have a Chevy Pickup V8. Does anybody know where's the 4.

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GDawg Founding Member. Mar 22, 1, 18 58 Colorado Springs, CO. Are you talking about the block part number? It should be on the side. This is a picture from a 4. The part number in on the drivers side under that first freeze plug center in the picture. No, not the casting number but thanks for the info.

How to Find a Car’s Engine Code in the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

The one I'm looking for is the vehicle identification number. I'm about to buy a GT and the seller said the car has a GT motor in it. He doesn't has the receipt for the motor and therefore I don't know if it's true or not. The only way to find out is to look for the VIN that stamped on the block. I know the old 5.

Where to find your Ford VIN and what it means

Not sure about the 4. Aug 14, 5, Houston Texas. Since the GT came from the factory with a Windsor moter, if the current motor is a Romeo, then you will know it was swapped. N8Dogg98 10 Year Member. Apr 4, 3, 37 MN. If the oil fill tube is on the drivers side cam cover it's a romeo block will also have 11 bolts on the cam cover.

If the oil fill tube is on the passenger side it's a windsor block will have 13 cam cover bolts. Lincoln LS.

Ford Mustang Engine Codes an explanation vin decoder

Lincoln Continental. Ford Ranger.

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Ford E-Series extended. Mercury Cougar.

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    Ford L Mercury Villager. Mustang Turbo GT '' Mustang SVO '' Duratec 20E. Duratec Duratec Ti-VCT. Ford Fiesta. Escort GT '' SHO V6. Mustang Cobra and Cobra R ' Mustang Cobra '' Mustang Cobra R ' SHO V8. Taurus SHO. Modular 4. Mustang GT '' Mustang GT 'up.