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Qualification of the candidate is utilized by the HR professionals More Address Verification Process of physically verifying a candidate's past, current and permanent addresses, based on the client's need.

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Referral Verification Reference Check means obtaining qualitative information about the persons performance other than what is showcased by the applicant in his resume More A recent research done by a Pune-based research and consultancy firm states that employee fraud in the More Terming the country as a 'fraud haven' with about 60 per cent of the firms having detected frauds in past two years More Providing cost-effective and customized background check solutions through an industry leading, easy-to-use web-based system.

Offering pre-employment verification movement, foreseeing the pressing need to screen potential employees at all levels of the staff and management to weed out undesirables.

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Offering hiring related verifications to ensure that the candidates hired meet client expectations and are value-adds to the company. Setting a standard platform for background verification, based on authentic credential analysis which is universally accessible and supported by a strong network.

Clear Star is background screening platform for contract workers.

The app uses on the spot ID match and face -match technology to verify contractors. Employers have to fill in basic details, capture consent and take photos of candidates' face and ID. CleatContact helps organize and store all background check data of the contractors. Additional checks can be facilitated by the platform. Also contrators can be categorised based on place and postition and contacted via the app.

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Silicon Valley Bank [ Investor Details ]. Cloud based verification and onboarding solution for businesses. Employstream is a cloud based verification and onboarding solution for businesses. Offers various screening services such as drug screens, applicant pre-screening, interview screening and background checks.

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Other features include onboarding platform, employee portal and career page. Sterling Talent Solutions.

Screening and Onboarding solution. Sterling Talent Solutions is a SaaS platform that helps enterprises on-board candidates.

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Solutions include credit reports, criminal background check, drug screening, onboarding dashboard, eForms Library, Hiring document retention etc. Generation Partners [ Investor Details ]. Pre-Employment Background Screening Solutions.

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Asurint is the developer and designer of an integrated system of background screening products that serve public and private corporations as well as government entities. Guidepost Growth Equity [ Investor Details ]. Last Updated: October 22,